The "I do's" have been said, the toasts made, and you are back out of your amazing honeymoon. Upon your arrival home, you're snapped to reality through the overwhelming task of writing thanks cards. Where would you start? Below you will find answers to several common questions, and simple methods to make the task somewhat easier.The best thing abou… Read More

A growing number of young couples go for an incredible wedding under palm trees, inside bush, on the seaside. South Africa in particular Cape Town is among the finest destinations suitable for remote and romantic in addition to stylish and luxurious weddings. Couples that are wanting for any private sun-drenched yacht cruise wedding, a themed weddi… Read More

Brides are beautiful. They just are. They can't help it to. All that joy and happiness just comes oozing out. But girls (most, anyway) being girls, they want to take a pace more toward perfection. They desire to look extra-special. Some even want to emulate the appearance of their most favorite star. Here's how...Value with Style: These invitations… Read More

To plan any winter wedding generally is one of the most difficult weddings to plan especially when looking for ideas as inspiration. I can truly claim that through my years of wedding ceremony planning, probably the most difficult ones to plan were those ones with a winter theme. I think that is most probably because there is so limited ideas avail… Read More